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What people say about my work:

Maryse, just wanted to say your blog is awesome.
I’m from New Zealand and haven’t seen the majority of these plants and animals.
It’s a real eye opener to see these beautiful plants and flowers.
Can I just congratulate you on this great blog and I look forward too seeing more from you’.

John, QLD, Australia

Thanks Maryse for all the amazing photos and information on your blog posts! A wealth of information especially for those not familiar with Australian flora and fauna!’

Ingrid, QLD, Australia

I love Maryse’s photos. You can sense her love of the Australian nature and wildlife in them. The products in her shop with her photos on it have been great presents for friends and family overseas. They are so easy to order and can be sent all over the world. And who doesn’t love an Australian themed gift?
For myself, I got the mobile phone protector with the cutest koala on it which I love and also others have told me they love it’.

Nynke, SA, Australia

A few words from other artists and photographers as posted on Fine Art America:

I am enthralled by your images of the unique flowers and wildlife of Australia! Aloha!’

‘It’s a sheer delight to browse through your artwork. Your body of work gives me reason to believe that you’re the ultimate animal lover as well as a sensitive nature lover which means you must be a truly gentle soul indeed!’

‘We would all see the great natural works if we’d just stop and look. Keep seeing Maryse!

‘Your photography captures and details the intricacy of the subject. While most would pass by, you call out to them and say ‘Hey, look at this little beauty!’ Thanks Maryse’

‘Just heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you for the reminder of the happiness of going off line and getting back to the fields to photograph and share special moments with nature!’

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