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There is still hope!

Nature Positivity: Light Versus Dark by Maryse Jansen
‘Light Versus Dark’
In this image the sun is trying to peek through the heavy cloud formations, which is symbolic for the message of hope in this post.

Do you sometimes feel hopeless when you think about the dire situation the Earth is in? Climate change, so many species threatened with extinction …. We all know this is happening and that it’s terrible but the constant doom and gloom messages we get around this topic in the news and media can lead to us feeling hopeless. They make us feel like it’s too late and there’s nothing we can do to change it…. Don’t give up yet! There is still hope. And hope is the key!

Restoration versus Destruction

Recently, I read about a scientific article that pleads for Nature Positivity. There are still so many things we can do! A lot of wonderful initiatives are going on out there! An inspiring example is the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. This organisation is successfully active in restoring Australian bushland, clearing weeds and pests and reintroducing native species that have been extinct in these areas! Another great initiative is Lord of the Trees, also an Australian project, who are striving to restore deforested areas all over the world, with groundbreaking new technologies at an amazing speed!

When we move our focus from destruction to restoration we get hope! And when we feel hopeful we feel more inspired to do something ourselves. Can you see a better future at the horizon, just by making this mental shift to Nature Positivity?

How to be Nature Positive

Anything that contributes to the restoration and the protection of our amazingly beautiful natural world, big or small, can be helpful.

A simple nature positive thing that I like to do is to plant a native tree in my garden. I pick one that grows naturally in my habitat, that makes it easy to look after. Its beautiful flowers give me something enjoyable to look at but also provide an important resource of food for native animals such as birds, insects and even small mammals. And think about the nuts, fruits and/or seeds it produces as well. Even just 1 tree can make a difference! Not only through the resources it provides but also for the joy it brings me when I watch it grow, bloom and see its visitors drop in over time!

Telling other people about the joy I experience when I am connecting with nature is another great way to be nature positive. Like telling them about the beautiful bird that visited my tree. When I go on my morning walk I might see something special, maybe a colourful flower, a stunning sunrise, a rare bird or a koala. I like to share this experience with someone – a friend, or a stranger who is just passing by. That way I make them aware of the beauty around us!

Inspiration and Appreciation

It fits right in with my inspiration for creating my photography and this blog! I aim to show off nature’s beauty with my photography, for you to enjoy and appreciate. Furthermore, I like to tell you something interesting about it in my blog, that you might also enjoy and will hopefully make you appreciate it even more then you already do. I want to give you hope and inspiration!

Do you feel like making a start? It can be as simple as subscribing to my blog and sharing it with others! Thank you!

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