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Pale-headed Rosella in the Spotlight

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Bird Photography Tips

Pale-headed Rosella perched by Maryse Jansen
‘Pale-headed Rosella perched’ A beautiful Australian Parrot posing in the low winter sun.

A soft chatter in the bushes

It was one of those beautiful Queensland winter mornings. The air was still crisp from the cool night but the sun was warming things up to a pleasant temperature for a walk in the bush. It was very quiet, not many people about. The atmosphere was quiet too, there was no wind and the sky was blue. As I entered the forest I heard a soft chatter in the bushes. It was barely noticeable but it grabbed my attention. I followed my ears and there I saw a Pale-headed Rosella, a beautiful Australian parrot. It was just a metre above the ground, quietly feeding on the fruits of the bushes. I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

The conditions weren’t going to give me the perfect shot but I tried nevertheless, you never know what happens. After a while the parrot hopped down to the ground and disappeared under the vegetation.

Looking for a mate …

I would have walked off if not for the fact that I remembered that these birds usually hang out in pairs. So I wondered where its mate was! I started looking and it didn’t take long to find it: a little bit further away, halfway up a tree.

When I aimed my camera at it, it decided to take the lime light and flew towards me! It landed on a branch close by and happily posed for me for a moment! And this time the low winter sun made for beautiful conditions to get a great shot. What a treat!

Pale-headed Rosellas in the spotlight

  • Pale-headed Rosellas are beautiful parrots, native to eastern Australia.
  • They are blue with a pale yellow head and white cheeks. The yellow back and blue wings also have black flecks which create a beautiful pattern.
  • Under the tail a distinct red colour is displayed.
  • For a parrot they are relatively shy, so usually you can’t get very close to them.
  • Pale-headed Rosellas prefer to hang out in pairs.

Bird Photography tips

Tip 1 – Keep your ears and eyes open at all times

You never know what you will encounter when you go out. Be aware of your surroundings and follow sounds and movements that you detect.

Tip 2 – Begin to shoot even if conditions aren’t perfect

Always have your camera at the ready when photographing birds. They can move quickly so you want to be in shooting mode when they do something interesting. When you’re shooting in less perfect conditions you may not get the perfect shot but you will learn a lot about the birds. Even an awful photo can be very helpful in identifying a bird and taking a closer look at its appearance and behaviour.

Tip 3 – Learn about the behaviour of your subjects

When you go out bird watching and photographing birds it helps a lot to know a bit more about the birds and their typical behaviours. This will help you find them, predict their behaviour and be ready to get the best shots!

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